Asclepias incarnata) seeds are harvested right here at the Gardens, with showy rose-pink flower clusters which attract a variety of pollinators. Milkweed is the preferred flower for the Monarch butterfly for laying its eggs and the main food source of the Monarch caterpillar. They don’t really need a swamp! Although they are true to their name and will do great in wet conditions, Asclepias incarnate will also grow well in medium moisture soil once they are established. · Perennial · 2 - 4 foot stalks · Best in moist soil; good for wetland gardens and habitat · Package of 50 seeds Your purchase is powerful. Not only does it help to sustain local artisans and preserve traditional arts and crafts, but it directly supports horticulture, research, and educational programming at the Gardens."> SWAMP MILKWEED SEEDS -